The newest kid in town, H&M is all anyone has talked about. Being the first Australian store to land in Melbourne, boy.. were we all excited for this. Upon entering the incredibly sheer in size white and spacious building with 3 levels of endless routes to racks and racks of clothing which just kept on coming.. let's just say you really can believe all the hype. 
Just a few of my ever-so-not guilty purchases from the launch..

1. Mohair jumper - I had been repeatedly eyeing this baby from the US h&m online store and knew I had to have it. This ever so soft & fluffy Stella McCartney-vibing jumper (as seen on Tash Sefton and Nicole Warne) will undoubtedly become a shameless repeat appearer in the colder days to come
2. Leather skirt – And the search for the perfect a-line leather skirt had a perfect ending with this new find.. so endearingly soft and silky.
3. Black Glass Candle - it may be unscented but as we may all know I am a sucker for aesthetic appeals.. so for pure aesthetic purposes.. I just had to add it to my well established monochromatic room 
4. Fedora hat – have a bit of a growing obsession for fedoras and this new wool-blend accoutrement is no exception… (It is important to distinguish the difference between a fedora and a country rodeo men hat – which gotten right will be much more socially acceptable and aesthetically pleasing)

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