If you had told me turtlenecks were going to make a comeback, I would've laughed and reminded you of my mum's collection, stored away which’d only show themselves once winter arrives... It has occurred to me by my excessive re-blogging of high necks on tumblr and their appearance on fashion week runways.. that turtlenecks well and truly have made a comeback.. and just in time for winter too. Now I am on an ever-so-eager hunt for the perfect navy cashmere turtleneck for the colder days yet to come. They have definitely made their mark in the Northern hemisphere's winter.. and in the current autumn/winter’s runway collections of Dion Lee, Bassike, Chloe & Proenza Schouler.. Despite my overcoming of the itching bareness.. high necks will definitely be seeing its way into my winter wardrobe... Mother always knows best

My top turtleneck picks
Stella McCartney | Uniqlo | Helmut Lang

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