Tell me about in-proportionate dressing at this transeasonal point in time. I am surely savouring the last days of autumn wearing mini skirts.. with a chunky knit and oversized coat to justify the outfit. I like to dress transeasonal for as long as the weather lets me before switching on the hibernation mode. Until I remember that the Australian winter doesn't start until June, thicker material skirts - scuba, neoprene and tweed is were it's at. We're all aware that Melbourne gives us no choice but to be transeasonal every day in fight-or-flight mode for the 4 seasons in one day phenomena. Something which I secretly love.. What's better than exposing a bit of leg under an all-encompassing coat and open-toe action whilst snuggling up in a favourite knit. 


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  1. Perfect outfit! Love the metal detailing on the bag!

    The Weekend Avenue x


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