A few backstage & runway favourites from Ellery's SS15-16 runway at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia. Ellery started off 2015 fashion week right with its hella-cool 70’s vibe of flares, oversized jackets and platform loafers. What better way to open the show than mega-babe Gemma Ward hitting it off - cool, chic and understated - the perfect Ellery girl. Since Kym Ellery presented the world with now her signature look of flared sleeves and pants  - every girl in the fashion world, internationally included want to get their little snappy hands on an Ellery piece. Ever since, Ellery has taken the world by storm - I mean, who can you blame for wanting a taste of those gloriously tailored silky flared sleeves with the simply understated V neck cut and perfect-to-a-T midriff. 

Photos - Oyster Mag and Marie Claire
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