Simple layering at it's best. I'm usually more inclined to lean toward white shirt layering but only recently have I been obsessed with the fine details of a pinstripe shirt.. especially this one from Camixa Shirts.

Here's a little 5 mins with designer of Camixa Shirts herself - Celina Di Pisa

What made you decide to break into the industry?
I was a craft & decor designer in Italy. When I move to OZ in 2008 (married to an Australian) I wanted to change "field". Since I loved fashion and shirts and couldn't find some nice ones I decided to do design them myself. I started with Paddington, the Rocks Market and a few boutiques then decided to concentrate on the online.

What are your main sources of inspiration for your designs?
I just look what's around. Lately the styles and inspirations come from laid back Californian style plaids (coming soon), washed and distressed European denims and fine natural Italian linens.

How does living in Sydney influence your designs?
It does incredibly: In Italy everyone lives for fashion, details, make-up... you dress-up even to go out and buy bread! ...Let's say its up-tight. In Sydney fashion is relaxed, easy-wear and –sorry to use this overused word– effortless. I love the casual, simple, laid back attitude... and like to design something that you can wear (up or down) just changing a pair of shoes!

What’s your current favourite piece?
My current (online) piece is the Riga pinstriped shirt because it's a classic that can be casualized with ripped jeans and sneakers; it can be so stylish with some cool shoes and trousers (palazzo pants for example) –or like the awesome outfit you featured on your blog! ...and it can be a classic professional piece tucked in with a nice black skirt. 

Give us a sneak peak into what exciting things you’re currently working on and what’s next for Camixa shirts!
We have some exciting pieces coming in June! There are some checks & plaids... but with a twist –can't say more!...We are working some signature styles and hope they will open doors for international development of our brand.

See the entire collection at and get your shirt game on! xx
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