Taking jewellery to a whole new level, Melbourne based Alfa Alfa jewellery creatives have come up with this juxtaposed concept of a concrete and pearl necklace. It’s one of those pieces that grows on you which you become to love the raw, edgy feel to the concrete component which is grounded by the femininity of the polished pearl. Simple yet unique.

Here’s 5 mins with one of the creative minds behind Alfa-Alfa Designs, Josh

What made you decide to break into the industry?
My co-founder, Zara, and I were absolutely obsessed with minimalistic and geometric jewellery. We loved the idea that when you strip something down to just lines and angles; the bare bones of something, it could look even more beautiful than it did before. So we started a Pinterest and filled it with designs we loved - everything from jewellery to architecture to interior decoration. Zara is very good at designing, so she started to sketch up a lot of her own ideas. 

What are your main sources of inspiration for your designs?
Architecture and interior design are probably our biggest inspirations. Our first piece for example, the Atlas Concrete + Silver pendant was inspired by modern skyscrapers. We also look at a lot of current jewellery designs, and we think about how we can strip the designs down, or turn a common design into something that really says, 'Alfa-Alfa'; something modern, edgy and feminine. Of course, there are a lot of people who inspire us in the fashion industry - The Haute Pursuit and The Fifth Watches are some brands who are absolutely killing it at the moment. We love seeing their work, and we're constantly inspired by what they do. 

How does living in Melbourne influence your designs?
Melbourne has had a huge impact on our designs. Melbourne loves monochrome, it loves the minimal aesthetic, and it prides itself on being modern, classy yet different. When we started, we knew we wanted our designs to be intrinsically Melburnian, which we feel is definitely reflected in our branding, our designs and online presence. 

What’s your current favourite piece?
That's a tough question! It's like asking a mum who her favorite child is. But if we really had to pick, it would be a toss up between our first ever piece - the Atlas Concrete + Silver pendant, just because it was our first, and most challenging piece to bring to life, or our newest piece, the Signature Spheres necklace, which combines everything we love into one piece - minimal design, concrete, pearls and silver. But we love all of our pieces, because each one has a different story and journey behind it. 

Give us a sneak peak into what exciting things you’re currently working on and what’s next for Alfa-Alfa.
For us, everything has moved so fast, and we're so new to the scene in general, we still feel like we're still trying to find our feet! But we have some amazing collaborations coming up with some awesome local brands who make and do beautiful things, so we're really looking forward to those. We also have some new designs we've got in the pipeline, and some projects in the works we're not quite ready to tell the world about yet, but it's definitely full steam ahead and exciting times for us!
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