What’s more fitting than shooting French designer - Anne Thomas loafers than at the frenchiest building in Melbs. 

It’s so easy to be caught up in the highly saturated fast fashion world we live in, that we often forget the mantra of less is more. Quality over quantity.. and these loafers are exactly that. Crafted with the most comfiest of leather and with an exceptional eye to detail, these have already become a wardrobe staple.

A Rare Kind - my latest boutique obsession stocking some of the best homegrown and international designers. With their incredible eye in hand selecting some of the best pieces from independent designer collections, creating an online destination embodying nothing less than modern luxe. With it’s relaxed yet polished aesthetic and refreshingly different vibe.. every piece is lustworthy. A must check out - www.ararekind.com  x
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  1. Nice pants and bag :)
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    Maria V.

  2. Beautiful combination! Love the background!


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