It’s so easy to be caught up in the highly saturated fashion world that we live in today, that quite often all we are surrounded by is fast fashion. The story behind The Fable shirts undeniably depicts the true meaning of fashion: quality, dedication and most importantly love. Every detail is not overlooked - from the smallest of button details to the selection from hundreds of silk fabrics to find the perfect one. It’s stories and work like this that re-inspire and remind me of the depth and talent of the fashion world, (much of Coco Chanel nostalgia)  - something that we often forget these days.

Shop The Fable shirts here & read their story here. Hope you all fall in love with their silky goodness as much as I have.. x
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  1. Amazing blue black combination. Love the white bottom touch and the loose casual layering feeling!

    1. Thank you! I'm loving loose tailoring at the moment too. Thanks for taking the time to comment! x


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