Calm and tranquil. Designed by Frederic Berthier inspired by the Parisian way of life: relaxed, effortless with a touch of understated class.

The marble seating centrepiece structures the entire space, working ever-so harmoniously with the herringbone floor and decor. These contrasting and almost juxtaposing elements complement and ground one another in the best possible way. It’s a balancing act of polished aesthetics with earthy raw textures that forms the basis of a clean, minimal yet warm and inviting space. 

The built-in storage walls opens up the entire space, adhering to the designer’s rule of less is more - a space that appears to have nothing but everything. The simplification of this home vibes a beautiful sense of ease. It's no secret that a decluttered home = a zen state of mind.

The mastery of this space comes down to the designer’s simple principle of balance. No element is put down to encapsulate the entire space. Federic Berthier has created a unique and edgy take on the traditional Scandinavian home.. and let's just say we're moving in asap.
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