Crisp, white shirts are a staple piece to any wardrobe. Truth be it, I was never a fan of the white shirt had it been associated with the 'office shirt.' But this little number by Become Studio has become my ultimate go to shirt, worn layered or on its own as a cute simple shirt dress for the warmer days. Have to admit, finding the right shirt in terms of fabric, transparency, texture and fit is as hard as a short person finding the right length jeans.. but this one had me swooning over its beautiful almost-silky satin feel, loose tailoring and fit, and no doubt the raw edged hem.  

Wearing Become Studio Shirt Dress & Naked Vice leather jacket


I recently sat down with Bec – designer of Become Studio to chat about her design inspiration & the not-so-glamorous side to the fashion designer life.

Tell us a little bit about yourself & Become Studio
I finished fashion school in 2015 at Melbourne Fashion Institute, our graduate collection gave us a choice of creating a collection of any style, I chose street-wear, an industry and style I feel really strongly about. It’s not restrictive and has a real freedom about it. Which is exactly what become is about, the freedom of street-wear. 

What made you decide to break into the industry?
Initially going into my course I went in wanting to start my own label but didn’t have the knowledge or skills to do so, even after working in the industry. Whilst doing my graduate collection I realised it was something I really loved to do and was creating pieces I really thought could reach a small gap in the market that hadn’t been too exposed; unisex street-wear.

What are your main sources of inspiration for your designs?
To be honest my main sources of inspiration (it sounds cliché) but the world that I live in and the people around me, when designing I always design things I’d want to wear. My style has developed so much in the last 5 or so years and I now know exactly what I want to wear and that’s what I love to create. Something that gets me really excited is fabric’s, one fabric can do so much and it’s always so much fun finding out what all those little things are, you can always push your boundaries.

How does living in Melbourne influence your designs?
Living in Melbourne has a HUGE influence on my designs and even style. Melbourne is such a creatively fluent place to live, it’s a City that allows you to really be and do anything you want. Our style I think is really comfortable and expressive and obviously relevant to our weird weather which is always fun for a designer because you can create a Winter coat and wear it in the middle of Spring.

What's your current favourite piece?
My favourite piece honestly changes depending on how I’m feeling, I’m in love with the Coat cause it’s such a Winter necessity, the Shirt Dress is something I love because I’m all about layering so I wear it open with jeans, as a skirt or closed under the Coat. I think the piece/pieces I wear the most are the Drop Crotch Track Pants, they are so comfortable and with the fabrics I chose they’re not too casual so you can dress them up or down.

Best thing about being a designer?
I think the best thing about being a designer is the freedom, it’s definitely not as glamorous and stylised as the way it’s perceived but you are given so much freedom, you can go wherever you want with it, you always have the ability to try anything.
However I think the most ‘wow’ moment is when you see someone wearing your clothes, that can’t be topped.

Myth about being a designer?
I think the biggest myth about being a designer is the glamour. 
Before I launched I thought it was all glamorous photo shoots and constant exposure. It’s definitely not, it’s a lot of hard work, you have to really put yourself out there and be proud of what you do. You have to constantly be on your game and finding new ways to better your brand, which sometimes can take a lot of time.

What's next for Become Studio?
To be honest I’m not sure, I’m so passionate about the brand and what it represents so I’m really open to any path that it takes me, but for now, onwards and upwards.

Check out Become Studio here
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